Tuesday, September 6, 2016

But.. but.. I also want to learn to draw with my tablet using OC6!

If I was immortal, I'd do everything.

DEV: Progress!

Welp, I almost forgot I had this blog!

I decided my fate by the use of some Google-fu and Reddit.
My path is to take the "self-taught" route, until an opportunity for something proper arises.

I will follow this curriculum on that website.

Some is review for me, but if I can get something tangible to add to my résumé, I'm for it.

I already made it into the Week 2 portion of CS50x, the drive to keep going is strong!
My procrastinator persona is slowly fading away~

I feel that I am regaining what I lost of myself from 2007 and reshaping it for the better.

My outlet will be Computer Science.