Thursday, October 27, 2016

Is the universe trying to tell me something or just taunt me? and random update/thoughts

For the past few months, I've been seeing someone's name constantly in different areas of my life.
For example, like on street signs, ads, mail letters, license plates, TV commercials/movies/shows, even random websites.

I've chalked it up to just random coincidences because the name itself is fairly common, but it's getting to the point that the frequency is ridiculous and feels intentional.
I feel that the universe is trying to tell me something or my sub-conscious is.

I couldn't keep this bottled up, so I have unloaded it here.


As for CS50x, I'm on Problem Set 7, but I have been getting distracted a lot.
PHP doesn't seem that interesting for me, but I'll manage.
Motivation Level: Low

As an aside, I've been mainly pondering:
What's going to happen on the next episode of Dragonball Super?
How will Goku and Vegeta deal with Zamasu and Black once they use fusion?

Until next post!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

CS50x: More progress!

Sorry for the long radio silence!

I've been focused on completing the course problem sets.
Currently, I'm on Week 7 of 12 - Problem Set 6: Web Server.

I just finished watching the long lecture videos and currently reading through the specifications of the problem set.

I'm enjoying the course.


Current Motivation Level: Okay.

PS. I randomly had a weird dream last night.

Cats kept popping up randomly in my house, like out of nowhere.
I would hear a random meow, boom, cat.  A meow behind me, boom, cat. 
There were around 20, when a feeling of anxiety overtook me, then I woke up.